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Chris Swinney in the studio with Ibanez Artist

Chris Swinney is a songwriter, musician and producer from Northumberland, U.K.
He was born in the mining village of Scremerston, close to Berwick-Upon-Tweed, and his family moved to the mining village of Shilbottle at the beginning of the 1960sÖ and decided to take him with them.
Around the age of eleven, his parents bought him his first guitar which was a nylon strung, but it wasnít long before he moved to a steel strung and started learning songs by The Beatles.
During his mid to late teens, he played in one or two bands and also gigged solo around the local pubs and clubs.
In 1984 he purchased his first four track recorder and became much more interested in recording than in the live work. In fact, he hasnít performed live since 1980.
He writes and records at "The Crossing" studio in Northumberland, and continues to work alone on his projects.
Chris has recorded five solo albums and one EP, and when suitable tracks emerge, there will be a brand new studio album.

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