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News from the  house...


The last new song of 2021, now up on the music page - 'Save Yourself'.


Another new one on the Music page - 'I Don't Care'.


Some demo recording for a new song has been going on during the past couple of weeks using a Boss BR-600 recorder. It's almost time to fire up the studio again!


New song now up on the music page - 'Last Call'.


Recording has now finished for the new song and it will be mixed/mastered during the coming days.


New song written, and recording will start very soon.


Now up on the music page - 'The Bleach Queen Of New Street'.


The latest song is now at the mixing and mastering stage - check back soon!


A new song has been written and lots of recording has already been done.


Here's another one! 'Too Late', now on the music page.


Most of the vocals have been recorded for a new song.


Three brand new songs written and recorded this year, are now up on the music page - 'Catching a Wave', Audience Guaranteed' and 'Next Time'. They're all available at Bandcamp.


Two brand new songs completed and a third at the mixing/mastering stage. These (and more) songs will be posted at some point... keep checking back!


From Don Wrong HQ, sounds have been emanating: The scratching of a fountain pen nib, the amplified sound of plastic colliding with steel wires and the vibration of smooth muscle tissue...


The new album, "The Cat Has Gone", is now available to download or purchase on CD through Bandcamp. Please check the Music or CD page for more details.


Up on the music page now! The final song for the album - it's called "Guardian Angel".
The album will soon be a download from Bandcamp, but for the moment all tracks are available for purchase separately.


Happy New Year!
Just putting the finishing touches to a brand new recording which will be the last song for the second Don Wrong & the Apologies album - check back soon!


Ideas for a brand new song are currently being thrashed out at Don Wrong HQ. Very early days... but stay tuned!


Track 11, likely to be the album's penultimate track, is finished. It's called "No Place Like Home" and is up on the music page now.
The song only managed to get to the demo stage in 2010, but has been well worth making into a full-blown recording.


While exploring the attic above Don Wrong & the Apologies HQ, Don finds an old PC hard drive and decides to take a look at the contents...
There was plenty of interesting stuff that he'd forgotten about but, in one folder in particular, there was an MP3 of a demo that he hadn't heard in years. "Hells Bells!" he thought, "why wasn't this made into a full blown recording?". It will be... it will be.


Track 10 is finished. It's called "Out Of Time" and is up on the music page now.


Looks like track 10 is underway!


Here's track nine, "Wash Over Me" - up on the music page!


New writing and recording underway... stay tuned!


The eighth track for the new album is now finished - "Sing Along With Me". Now up on the music page!


Another new song is underway - recording started this week!


Written and recorded during June, "How She Really Feels"... on the music page now!


Now up on the music page, the latest song, "I'll Go Your Way".


Check back very soon for a brand new song. Mixing has been completed and mastering will be underway in the next day or so.


More recording underway for a new song.


Number 5 has arrived! "Take Me With You", now up on the music page.


In February, a quick demo of a couple of verses was recorded on some 'new' equipment (Korg D3200). It was really only done to learn about the 32 track recorder... and for a bit of fun.
This has now developed into a full song and recording is well underway.


Song number four for the next Don Wrong & the Apologies album, "When Tomorrow Comes", is now up on the music page.


Working backwards on a new song. Lots of recording done but no lyrics or melody as yet!


Another brand new song now up on the music page - "The Cat Has Gone".


Added to the music page - the first Don Wrong & the Apologies song of 2020! - "It Froze".
Hot on its heels... a new song has been written, and recording will start soon.


Happy New Year!
Coming soon... Just putting the finishing touches to the recording and production of the song which was started back in August 2019 - will post as soon as it's finished.


A new recording of a song from 2014 is the first recording for the second Don Wrong & the Apologies album. "Say Goodbye" is now on the music page.


Recording is well underway for the first song for the second Don Wrong & the Apologies album. Not only that... recording for a second song has also been started!


Back in the studio again, and work has started on the second Don Wrong & the Apologies album. As usual, we'll keep you posted on the progress.


Now available for download or on CD at Bandcamp! The new album from Don Wrong & the Apologies - 'Mess of Me'. Please visit the 'CD' page for more details.


All of the CD graphics are now finished and printing has started. CD duplication will start next week... album will be available soon.


CD/cover design, the order of the tracks, duplicaton of the CD... all underway. Keep checking back!


The final track for the first Don Wrong & the Apologies album is now on the music page. It's called "Battle-scarred".


While "Everyone's Busy But Me" was still warm... on June 2nd the writing began for the last track of the first DWatA album. Writing is now finished, and recording has started - will keep you posted.


New month... and a new track has been uploaded to the music page - "Everyone's Busy But Me". As usual, it's available to download from Bandcamp by clicking the link on the player.


Track eleven is now mixed, and will hopefully be mastered and up for your delectation this weekend!


Website now available in blue...


Just a tweak or two to the lyrics, and track 11 will be written. Hoping to begin recording this weekend.


It's arrived! Track 10 from DWatA, "This Wasted Time", is now up on the music page and, as usual, available to download from Bandcamp using the link on the player.


That song mentioned last month, now has a title - "This Wasted Time". The writing has all been done, as has most of the recording.
A vocal harmony line or two, some keyboards for the middle eight and a bit more electric guitar... then we're finished!


Springing into action again!... a new song is in the early stages. Check back for updates soon.


"One Day", song number 9 from DWatA, is available to stream (and buy!) through the music page.


"She's Coming Back To Me", song number 8 from DWatA, is available to stream (and buy!) through the music page.


Don't Call Me "Us", song number 7 from DWatA, is available to stream (and buy!) through the music page.


"Here We Go", song number 6 from DWatA, is available to stream (and buy!) through the music page.


A new ballad called "I'm So Sorry" is available to stream (and buy!) through the music page.
This is song number 5 from DWatA.


New header design uploaded to all pages.


Number four! Written and recorded between March and May - "One Who Never Lied". Full stream up on the music page.


The third DWatA track is now completed and up on the music page... it's called "From Nowhere".
The song that was started on 12/11/2017 is still in the process of being recorded.


Don puts pen to paper yet again... tune in soon as the next track unfolds.


In between 28th August and 5th November another song was written and recorded - "Peace Of Mind". Click on the music page to listen.


After a week spent on production and mixing, the song was mastered. Listen to "Mess Of Me" and other songs on the Music page. This and all of the forthcoming tracks will be available to download from Bandcamp.


Don realises that his guitar arpeggios aren't working for the chorus, so gets on the phone to Brenda Roads - "we need some synth arpeggios on this new song, and there's a bottle of Gordon's waiting for you".
If she could have been there before Don put the phone down, she would have... needless to say... job's a good'n!


Don adds an additional guitar part to the verses - nothing complicated (as if!), just some jangly rhythm.


Some serious production on Leyton's serious drums.


More "topping and tailing"; this time on vocals and drums, and some production on vocals too!


Time to delete unwanted guitar audio from beginnings and fade some endings. Don calls it "topping and tailing"... but it's known as editing in the professional world.


A re-recording of part of the end solo, and more "adjustments" to a fill or two - "That's it for the fills/solos", says Don... but we won't be holding our breath...


Lead guitar fills recorded for the middle eight.


More lead guitar fills and a solo for the end section. Also, some re-recording of one of the guitar fills... saw it right off!


Time for the main guitar solo - Don nails it in one... "The other numerous takes were just rehearsals", he says... yeah, right!


Don records harmony vocals for the middle eight, and verses two and three.


Louden is called on again, to record bass for the end section of the song... his work is now done for this one.


Harmony vocal for the choruses completed.


Having finished writing the last verse for the song the day before, Don put the last touches to the lead vocals.


Don replaced his guide vocals with some (you've guessed it) serious lead vocals. The guide was reduced to tears for not having her vocal included... this rock'n roll lark can be cruel sometimes.


Don calls on Leyton to lay down some serious drums for his rough backing track. By the end of the day, he'd only managed some tongue-in-cheek ones... "That'll do for now", said Don.
During the coming week, Ron recorded some serious guitar and Louden, some serious bass. Leyton told them that they could do with lightening up a little...


Let the music begin...

Don receives some inspiration... and writes words on a sheet of paper that he had intended for some other use. He has some notes that will fit nicely together with those words... always a good idea when writing a song.

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