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New album, first recording session (for demo): 3rd Aug. 2015.

The first recording session for the new album.

Early in 2015 I decided to sell off most of my recording hardware and move over to using Cubase.
I got together some useful plug-ins and set about recording a few ideas in order to get used to the new way of doing things.

At the end of July, it was time to start thinking about songs for a brand new album, and I started writing a new song which was completed on August 8th
After recording a quick, short demo to see how the arrangement might work, it was time to get to work on the full song arrangement.
By August 13th I had drums, bass, rhythm guitar and a lead vocal recorded for the first part of the song.
On August 14th I recorded some vocal harmonies for the chorus and third verse.

After a few re-recordings of some parts, and an arrangement change for the song's ending, the new track was mixed and mastered on the 12th Aug. 2015 - It's called, "You Don't See Me":

Between the 20th and 24th Sept 2015, I completed the writing of a second song, and most of the recording is now finished.
I hope to have it mixed and mastered during December, and I'll post it here soon after.

... not as soon as I thought. A voice problem hampered some of the final vocals and I didn't get the song finished until February 2016 - it's called "Here's My Crown".
I also completed another one during January - "Leave It All Behind". Here they are:

During March/April 2016, I wrote and recorded "Take My Chances" which was followed April/June by "Because Of You".

June/August brought "You Told Them So".

Written and recorded between August and October 2016 - "Fallen Together".

The final song recording of 2016; written and recorded between November and December.

First song of 2017! Written and recorded between March and May - "Now It's Up To Me".

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